Data you can use is integral to the design of effective interventions to improve community health. Our staff conducts utilized-focused research, and evaluates programs, policies and system changes in a variety of fields including marketing and communications, obesity prevention, tobacco control, political feasibility and health care quality improvement. 

We creatively and effectively present data to a variety of audiences including policy makers, community members and public health practitioners. Through enabling our clients to interpret and make use of research findings, we draw a direct connection between research recommendations and action.

Current and Recent projects

Evaluation of the policy change process for counties instituting clean indoor air policies in Oregon

Evaluation of veterans behavioral health care in Oregon

Evaluation of women veterans health care in Oregon

Focus group research on SNAP recipients attitudes on the Farmers Market Double Up Food Bucks program

Forecasting Nursing care needs among Oregon veterans for the next 20 years

Focus group research on parental attitudes and practices around sugar-sweetened beverages

Evaluation of the policy change process for counties instituting tobacco-free properties policies

Key informant interviews with school superintendents preparing to implement a statewide manage for physical education instruction

Focus group study to increase access to farmers markets for low-income populations

Surveys and key informant interviews to assess opinions on the regulation of smoking in downtown areas

Data collection in retail stores to assess availability and advertising of tobacco products