Public Health 3.0- The Modernization of the Public Health System 


Planning for and implementing Public Health 3.0 requires a thoughtful approach that engages public health leadership, staff and community partners using data, continuous quality improvement strategies and a health equity lens. The result is transformative change that positions public health to lead collaborative action that improves health outcomes.

The steps to becoming a PH 3.0 local health department build upon each other and must be guided by strong leadership vision and support while also incorporating the ideas and feedback of elected leaders, staff and partners.

Steps to Becoming a PH 3.0 Local Health Department:

1. Defining Where We Want to Go

a. Key components of a PH 3.0 LHD

b. Health equity lens

c. Organizational Change Frameworks

d. PH 3.0 and this LHD

e. Leadership Readiness Assessment

f. Finding technology and data solutions

2. Identifying Where We Are Now

a. Assessment of capacity and expertise in PH 3.0 foundational capabilities

b. Review of existing community health assessment, community health improvement plan and agency strategic plan

c. Organizational assessment

d. Informatics assessment

e. Workforce assessment

f. Reviewing data and assessments through a health equity lens

3. How do we get to where we want to go?

a. Change management essentials

b. Communications essentials

c. Change implementation plan development, including phases with milestones for success

d. Programmatic shifts

e. Organizational shifts

f. Data and technology shifts

g. Financial shifts

h. Cultural shifts

i. Communication and change management tools

4. Making the changes

a. Implementing change management step by step

b. Evaluating along the way (collect and analyze feedback, formal evaluation)

c. Manage resistance and addressing gaps

How we work:

The Rede Group conducts an initial consultation with the local health department(s) or state department of health to identify the specific client needs. After the initial consultation, the Rede Group will develop a proposal tailored to the unique client needs and available resources.

Examples of options for PH 3.0 Consultation include, but are not limited to:

• Concentrated consultative process with a single local health department

• An institute or community of practice model for leadership teams from multiple local health departments

• Webinars

• Coaching (virtual and/or in-person)

Relevant experience and expertise

The Rede Group brings deep expertise and outstanding experience to our work in public health planning and structure. Our principals and senior consultants have worked for local public health authorities (small, medium and large) and state health authorities in leadership positions responsible for setting strategic direction and improving public health services and health equity across the board. As a firm, we began working on “Public Health 3.0” and Public Health Modernization in 2015.

Our expertise includes:

• Understanding of legal definitions of local public health authority and statutory and or rule changes required to support PH 3.0

• Broad understanding of governmental public health across foundational programs and services, as well as funding

• Development and implementation of operational policies and systems to support PH 3.0

• Engaging frontline workforce and executive leadership in transforming systems and managing change.

• Communication and conflict resolution skills and training

Our experience includes:

• Creating and facilitating numerous trainings and meetings designed to engage multi-sector groups (including elected officials, local health departments and other stakeholders) in envisioning and transforming into modernized public health agencies that are strategically driven, sustainably resourced, and focused on public health planning, policy, prevention, and promotion

• Facilitating public private partnerships that focus on mitigating barriers to sharing data and collectively gathering timely, accurate, granular, actionable data - especially for tracking public health efforts related to prevention and social determinants of health Building and executing transformational leadership training and coaching

• Working under an RWJ, Public Health National Center for Innovation Grant, authored a step-by-step guide and web-based tool to support local health departments in advancing their work in adopting and adapting to a new model for public health

• Developing state and locally specific Public Health 3.0 and PHAB Public Health Accreditation crosswalk tools

• In-depth analysis, evaluation and mapping of cross-sector and cross-jurisdictional partnerships

• In-depth technical assistance with state, local and tribal health departments to assist them with:

o Developing and managing cross-sector and cross-jurisdictional sharing agreements

o Health equity insight and planning

o Identifying pathways for change and managing change processes, repositioning the local health department in the community

o Developing strategic communication plans to ensure multi-modal communication and feedback loops with staff and partners

• Facilitate numerous Community Health Assessments, Community Health Improvement Plans and Agency Strategic plans that incorporate Public Health 3.0 directives

If you would like to talk to us about how Rede Group might assist you or your community in working toward a Public Health 3.0 system, Please contact us for a free consultation. 503-746-9696 or email