Welcome to the TPC tools websites

We here at the Rede Group hope that this website can act as an important tool to help support you and the work you are doing in your community. Our goal is to provide you with a wide variety items to educate, keep you informed on current events, help you with current data specific to your area, show you success stories from around Alaska and give you a place to coomunicate with one another.

This site is a living, breathing tool that should develop and change over time. We are hoping that you all will help make it the most that it can be by feeding us information to post, by making suggestions for changes and by checking back often to see what is happening and what has been added.

The Rede Group will use this page as our place to point out things that we think are extra important or new to the site. We are really looking forward to making this a great resource for you and the important work you are doing.

Robb and Jill