Oregon ICAAEE and TRE

Point-In-Time Assessment and Report

Point-in-time assessments provide a snapshot of the status of specific local policy change initiatives throughout Oregon. This overview covers results of a tobacco retail policy point-in-time assessment completed in July 2018. 

All Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) grantees complete point-in-time assessments of each of their tobacco retail policy initiatives using stages of the Policy Change Process Model to denote current status. 

OHA has conducted three point-in-time (PIT) assessments specifically about local tobacco retail policy initiatives:  PIT 1 - October 2016,  PIT 2 - June 2017, and PIT 3 - July 2018. A fourth assessment is planned for June 2019. 

TRE PIT 3 Report

28-Day Rapid Response Survey and Report
The Improving Policy Change Practice in Oregon: 28-Day Rapid Response Survey and Report is a rapid response evaluation that follows a four-step process completed over the course of 28 days.

The process includes:

1.     Develop the survey instrument
2.     Collect survey responses
3.     Analyze survey responses
4.     Report survey findings

The purpose of this evaluation method is to collect information from grantees to report and share findings quickly so those findings can be used in grantee’s current and future work to implement policy.

These reports conduced by the Rede Group on various topics contribute to and inform the larger Oregon Tobacco Retail and ICAA Expansion Evaluations.

ICAAEE Report 1
Marijuana and Smokefree Public and Workplace Policies
Dates Fielded: January 17- 24 2018
Response Rate: 26/27 TPEP Coordinators & 23/31 ADPEP Coordinators
Summary Data (open ended questions excluded)
Powerpoint Presentation Version