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Orientation Manual

Below are three versions of the Orientation Manual. If you use an Apple Computer or would like to use an iPad or iPhone to read the manual, simply click on the link to the iBooks version to view in iBooks. You may also read the PDF by simply clicking on that version to download it.  If you have a PC you can read the ebooks version by opening with Amazon reader or any other e-book reader or you may read the PDF version. Either way just click to download. If you are using an Android tablet or phone and wish to read the ebook or PDF versions you also should be able to simply click on the version below while on your device to open in the appropriate app.


PDF version

iBooks version

e-book version

Past Training and Materials


Local Foods Webinar

Handouts from Local Foods Webinar

Stream to Plate Lessons

Ag Day Packet

Fish to Schools Resource Guide

Fish Lunch Trivia


Sugary Drinks Webinar


2015 Spring Training Materials

Obesity Annual Training Tools and Resources

Spring Training School Grantee Coordinators PowerPoint

Hand Out's from Rede Group Presentation at Spring Training

Mind Map

Audience Map

Outreach Options

Plan Instructions

Planning Template

Communications Action Plan Instructions

Planning Template Action Plan

Planning Template Action Plan Blank


Health Equity and Obesity Prevention presented by Dana Diehl and Andrea Fenaughty, February 2015


2014 SHWI Materials

FY15 SHWI_School Grantee Coordinators

2014 SHWI Wellness Policy Session

Systems Change Handouts


Play Every Day: The Importance of Recess Webinar 5/2014


AK Recess Webinar Recess Resources

Low to No Cost Recess Ideas

Indoor Play Space Inventory


Spring 2014 Grantee Training Documents

Program Update PowerPoint 3/2014

Rede Group Working with School Boards PowerPoint 3/2014

Rede Group Fun with Fact Sheets PowerPoint 3/2014

Fun with Fact Sheets handout 3/2014

NW Strategies PowerPoint Presentation  3/2014

Core Messages  3/2014

NW Strategies Obesity Media Messaging 3/2014

NW Strat -Single Overriding Communications Objective (SOCO)  3/2014

Health Impact Pyramid  3/2014

USDA Smart Snacks in School 3/2014


BMI Webinar  1/2014

OPCP Q2 Webinar  12/2013

WellSAT PowerPoint from the SWI Conference  Fall/2013

Orientation PowerPoint: The Real Change  Fall/2013

Overview Powerpoint for Review  9/2013

OPCP Intro Webinar   9/2013






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