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Create Your Own News - For Press Release

•World No Tobacco Day Press Release for Grantees

•How To: Getting earned media on World No Tobacco Day

News in Alaska

New University of Alaska Anchorage Study on iqmik and oral cancer

Secondhand smoke exposure in Alaskan households with children

•CDC Publishes Alaska Tobacco Highlights for 2010

Please remedy issue of second-hand smoke

Letter to the editor of the Frontiersman encouraging smoke-free housing

•Don't Wait to Quit Smoking

Commentary from a US Military Base in Alaska

•Assembly Votes to Increase Tobacco Tax 75 Cents in Anchorage

•Lung Cancer Causes Smoking Regrets

A local story from Klawock, AK

Posters Encourage Smokers to Quit

Article from Juneau around the Great American Smokeout


National News

•Group pushes for tobacco ban in Major League Baseball

•Tobacco Ads Cause Concern

Can't be sold as smoking alternative

•Kicking a Bipartisan Habit

Tom Brokaw writes an op-ed piece for the Washington Post

•Apartment Kids Exposed to More Tobacco Smoke

ABC News Report

A Report of the Surgeon General: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease: The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking-Attributable Disease

•Cigarettes May Contain Bacteria

Study shows cigarettes may be contaminated with hundreds of types of bacteria

Advancing the Science of Smoking Cessation Interventions through Recovery Act Funding

•Smokers Need Not Apply: Is Hiring Ban Trend of the Future?

A new trend with companies around the US

•A Broken Promise To Our Children: The 1998 State Tax Settlement 12 Years Later: CTFK Report

Most states not spending what they should. The good news? Alaska is one of only two fully funded states.

•Scared Smokeless

The LA Times says why the new graphic cigarette warning labels need to leave Americans SCARED SMOKELESS

•Cigarette Packages to Carry Images of Corpses, Lungs

•Smoking bans help curb kids' severe asthma attacks

The Huffington Post

•Cig-tax hike creates total drag on sales

In New York State

•Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products Becomes City Law

In New York City

•Obama Administration Announces Bold National Plan to Curb Tobacco Use and Save Lives


•Study Shows Many Smokers Are Also Using Smokeless Tobacco

•Snuffing Out: Montanans Buying Fewer Cigarettes

Interesting comments on non-cigarette tobacco use at the end of this article.

•California Restricts Electronic Cigarette Marketing Due to Cancer Risk