Established in 2010, the Rede Group has spent the past six plus years building a reputation as one of the premiere communications, health policy, research, and strategy firms in the Pacific Northwest. We are a social change agency. Communications along with public policy and practice is the foundation upon which the Rede Group was built and it is the core of our business. We have focused our efforts on working to address health disparities and to support underrepresented groups and individuals in finding and using their voice and power to make significant changes in their communities.

Rede offers communities, coalitions, businesses and nonprofit organizations assistance with message development, communication campaigns and targeted publicity. We provide a range of technical assistance, training, design and communications services, including graphic design, website design and development, illustration, branding and identity development, marketing and strategic communications planning along with technical assistance and training. When developing outreach/promotional materials, we work with clients to deliver a clear, personal messages in a targeted way that solidifies their identity and gets results. We have worked extensively with government and tribal organizations throughout the states of Alaska, Oregon and Washington to understand the process of developing messages and materials that resonate with target audiences. We have also worked with communities and tribes to develop stories that help others understand the place of culture within their lives.

Some of our recent engagement/communications projects have included working with:

+Oregon Health Authority with Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs

+Multnomah Athletic Club


+Oregon Health Authority

+State of Alaska

+Oregon Public Health Association

+Lane County, Oregon

+Douglas County, Oregon

+So Healthy Oregon

+Let’s Talk Diversity

+Oregon Office of Equity and Inclusion

+Oregon Health Equity Coalition

+Klamath County, Oregon

+Mid Columbia Health Equity Coalition

+Linn-Benton Health Equity Coalition

+Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation

+Nome Community Center

Here are a few sample videos we have worked with groups to create: