Policy Change Process Model

Over the past couple of years, Rede Group has been working with local public health program staff across Oregon on a policy change process model. We worked with a small group of 8 where we were able to bounce ideas and listen to their thoughts while at the same time asking the larger field for their input. We asked over 100 open-ended questions and had several hundred pages of data to help us create this model and then share insights and tools we gathered while going through the process. We believe the tools and the process will help future practitioners pass great policies in Oregon and beyond! 

The model has become a great platform for training and technical assistance. Please contact us if you would like to talk about how we can work with your organization or conference to create a fantastic, personalized learning experience.

Below you can see the graphic and white board depictions of the Policy Change Process Model. A special thanks to all of those who helped develop this with us!