Interning at Rede

My name is Hannah Zyirek and I am a Public Health student at Oregon State University. I have been interning with Rede Group for three weeks now and have already gained new skills working with qualitative data and health policy. In this blog post, I will briefly talk about what projects I have been working on and describe my experience thus far.


During the past couple weeks I have been analyzing qualitative data, which I will continue doing throughout the duration of my internship. This includes coding partner interviews for an evaluation of the Oregon Public Health Division’s Healthy Communities Program. This project has taught me how valuable qualitative data can be when evaluating community programs, policies, and more. I’ve also been de-identifying interview transcripts from focus groups led by Rede Group. Focus groups serve as a helpful way to receive feedback on the impact of public health changes. Lastly, I recently started a new project working with tobacco free worksite policies. I have always had an interest in tobacco prevention and control, so it’s really interesting for me to see how tobacco free policies compare to the standard set by Rede Group.


In addition to learning new skills, I’ve really enjoyed seeing how a consulting firm operates. I have had an interest in health consulting for about two years so this has been a great opportunity to witness their day-to-day activities. Often times I hear stories from other Public Health students about not getting to take on a lot of responsibility during their internship, but Rede Group has provided valuable learning opportunities for me so far. All of the projects I’m working on contribute toward the work Rede Group does for their clients.


I have also really enjoyed my work dynamic. Most of my time is spent working independently, so I am able to manage my time accordingly. My favorite part about interning at Rede Group is the environment. Not only is the team fun to be around, but we also have an office dog named Gus; he always greets me at the door and says hi to me every once in a while at my desk. I love being around dogs so this has made my experience even better.


I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for me during the next seven weeks of my internship. Be sure to keep an eye out for my next blog post!


Hannah Zyirek

Rede Group