Interning at Rede

Welcome to the Rede Group Intern blog entry. Here you will find posts from our interns about what it is like to be an intern at Rede, the projects they are working on, knowledge and skills they have developed and more. We really value our interns and want to share their experiences.

My name is Alex McFerrin and I am a Public Health student at Oregon State University.  I have been interning at Rede Group for the past nine weeks and have had a great experience. In this blog post I will tell you a little about what I have done and learned throughout my internship.

During my internship I have gotten to learn about and contribute to many different projects that Rede Group is involved in. Today I want to talk about the project that I spent the majority of my internship focused on and was given the most responsibility on.

The project is an evaluation of the Oregon Public Health Division’s Healthy Communities Program. In this evaluation I have been responsible for creating, administering, and analyzing a survey for the eight counties and one tribe that participated in the Healthy Communities Program. Another aspect of the evaluation was to develop an interview guide and conduct interviews with the nine Healthy Communities Program Coordinators and some of their partners. I am currently in the process of completing the interviews and beginning analysis. My next step in the evaluation is to perform preliminary quantitative and qualitative analysis on the data we have collected and present it at a meeting with the Oregon Public Health Division and user panel.

Other skills that I have gained working on this project is communicating by email, phone, and in person with Public Health professionals from the state, various counties, and other organizations. I have gotten to participate on webinars and in client meetings. I have learned a number of programs used for communication, delivering surveys, and data analysis. I have been exposed to Public Health topics…

Rede Group provides a great balance of group collaboration and the expectation to complete work individually. My supervisors have given me enough guidance to feel confident in my abilities and ample responsibility to gain meaningful experience that can be applied after I graduate.


Alex McFerrin


Rede Group