New projects!

Welcome to our new Blog here at the Rede Group. This is a place where you will be able to see some of the new and exciting things we are up to, take a look at photos of some of the cool places and communities where we get to work, and even take in a few videos featuring some of the great folks we work with. You will also get the occasional OP ED from us on issues we are passionate about. As another new feature we will also be giving our interns an opportunity to share their perspective on current issues and events. We are really looking forward to sharing what we do with you!

What’s New at the Rede Group you ask?  We are very excited about several new projects we are just beginning. I would like to tell you about a couple of them in this edition of our blog.  If you are not aware, Rede Group does a lot of work with local and state health departments working toward the Public Health Accreditation Board accreditation. We really enjoy helping health departments work their way through the process. We recently began  working with the North Slope Borough (in Alaska) to get them started on their path to public health accreditation., For those of you who may not know this, the North Slope Borough is as far north as it gets in the US, and for that matter, the world. The northern side of the Borough along with its largest city, Barrow, sits on the Arctic Ocean. Rede Group has worked in Barrow on a few projects and we are really looking forward to going back again. I have included a couple of photos here from one of our trips. We are really looking forward to sharing more with you when we make our next journey to the far north of Alaska.

We’re also thrilled to be working on a project for the State of Oregon, OHA to help the six Regional Health Equity Coalitions (RHECs) tell their stories. These are very important groups throughout the state and we feel honored to be working with them to help share their mission and accomplishments. We will be traveling all over Oregon over the next few months listening, learning and helping to create some new ways for these groups to tell their stories. Strategic communication is one of the areas Rede Group is helping communities and organizations realize their goals. We are looking forward to helping the RHECs reach theirs.

One last project I will tell you about today is taking Jill and myself across the country. We are headed to North Carolina to help their state tobacco coalition with an “emergency” strategic communications plan. This smart group of people understands that when you’re working with policy and partners you need to have a plan in place for when things start taking off in the wrong direction. Maybe somebody decides to defund your program. Or, your smokefree workplace law is under attack. Acting quickly and efficiently can make all the difference – especially when each member of a coalition has a unique role. We will be facilitating them through the process so that they are well prepared for any issues that may come up. We will be posting photos here from our trip when it happens in early March.

Thanks for reading the first installment of our new blog. We hope to see you here often!

Robb Hutson


Rede Group