Agents of Change

We are excited to be doing a series of trainings for State of Oregon HPCDP grantees at county health departments. This series of trainings entitled Agents of Change is aimed at helping participants with the process of health policy change at the local level. This will be a four part series as listed below. 

  1.  September 10, 2014: Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande
  2. October 21, 2014: Community Outreach & Education, Hallmark Resort, Newport
  3. March 18, 2015: Policy Development, Policy Passage, Enforcement and Reporting, DoubleTree Lloyd, Portland
  4. May 19, 2015: Community Teams, Mt. Bachelor Village, Bend

We can't wait to get started. These trainings are always very interactive and cater to a wide variety of experience levels.

Stephanie to give National Webinar

Stephanie Young Peterson of the Rede Group will be giving a webinar on June 26th for the Fresh Air Campus Challenge. The webinar is titled, Strategies for Implementing a Smoke- or Tobacco-free Campus Policy. For more information or to register visit;

Stephanie has experience working with the University of Oregon's tobacco free policy passage and implementation as well as providing technical assistance for the passage of the policy for the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Western States Policy Directors Meeting

One of our favorite projects each year is hosting the two day Western States Policy Directors Meeting. The Rede Group has been hosting this meeting in Portland for four years now. This year we held the event at the Leftbank Annex next to our office in the Rose Quarter. We were extremely lucky to have the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium through a CDC grant sponsor the event this year. We had folks from 10 different states joining us including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. It was a fantastic meeting with a level of expertise that we rarely see in one meeting. With all of these great folks working on tobacco control our states are in dependable hands! We are really looking forward to doing this again in 2014!


To The Ends of the Earth

The Rede Group will go to the ends of the earth for our clients. This week our work took us to the northernmost town in North America (Barrow) on the Arctic Ocean. We wanted to hear what folks at the top of the world felt about sugary beverages and their kids. What sort of beverages would you drink when milk is $14 per gallon? We wanted to know. If you want to know too, you will need to read our report! 

Robb in Barrow, Alaska overlooking the Arctic Ocean.

Robb in Barrow, Alaska overlooking the Arctic Ocean.

Rede Group Summer Challenge!

With the health of our employees in mind the Rede Group is beginning our first annual summer challenge! In our city, not far from our offices is one of the largest city parks in the world. Portland's Forest Park has 81.3 miles of hiking trails. Our goal is to hike every inch of those trails this summer. It is our challenge. At the end of the summer the employee who logs the most miles will get a prize and we will celebrate with a barbecue at the CEO's house. We may even take a few trips out during work hours to stretch our legs.  

We are excited about this challenge and will be posting photos of our time on the trails to our Facebook page. We are all excited to conquer Forest Park!

Rede Group in a "Cool Space"

The Rede Group was recently featured in the Portland Business Journal's "Cool Spaces" series. In the article they feature our unique features for being such a small firm. We are excited to promote our space and emphasize a culture of wellness here. We have provided stand-up, moveable desks, bicycle parking, streetcar access, a locker room and shower and policies that promote health!  Please check out the article here!

Part of the Rede Group crew - Gus and Zeke

Part of the Rede Group crew - Gus and Zeke

Research is at our core

If you have followed the Rede Group and what we do, you probably know that we are into research. We love doing studies, gaging opinions, and generally digging deep into things. As you may also know, our firm has deep roots in both Oregon and Alaska. We spend time working, researching and training all around both of these great states. With that we are very excited to be starting up on two interesting research projects! 

We are beginning a Tri-County (Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson) project in Oregon. It is shaping up to be an exciting research project. We will be looking at retail environments, surveying shop owners and doing a few focus groups. Lots of great work.

In Alaska we are beginning a focus group project with Alaska's Play Every Day project. We are looking at the beliefs and attitudes among parents who serve their children sugar sweetened beverages on a regular basis. This project will take us on a whirlwind tour around Alaska in June. Check out the campaign at:

A poster from Alaska's Play Every Day campaign.

A poster from Alaska's Play Every Day campaign.

Jill and Robb in Anchorage

Jill and Robb just spent a fabulous week in Anchorage for the Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control Program's Spring Grantee Training. The weather was amazing (sunny and cold!) and the participants were great.  Between Robb and Jill they led or helped facilitate four different sessions. The sessions ranged from the importance of good policy in public health to creating local tobacco taxes.

We are really looking forward to our May trip to Kodiak for this year's Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance Summit!

Heading into the BP Energy Center for the Alaska TPC Grantee Conference (April 2013)

Heading into the BP Energy Center for the Alaska TPC Grantee Conference (April 2013)